1. The Show will open at 9.30 a.m.

2. Dogs will be received at any time but it is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that exhibits are available for judging when required.

3. Judging will commence at 10.30 a.m.

4. Exhibits may be removed from the Show after their judging has been completed. The Show will close half an hour after all judging has been completed.

5. The use of cooking stoves in the proximity of the tenting and benching areas is forbidden except as authorised by the Show Management.

6. There is no prize money on offer at this show.

7. The Committee reserves to itself the right to refuse entries.

8. Puppies under six calendar months of age on the first day of the Show are not eligible for exhibition.

9. The mating of bitches within the precincts of the Show is forbidden.

10. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Where a Best Puppy in Show competition is scheduled the Best Puppy in Show is a puppy which has competed and is unbeaten by any other puppy exhibited at the same show. A puppy is a dog of six and not exceeding twelve calendar months of age on the first day of the Show. Where the Best in Show is a puppy it should automatically be awarded Best Puppy in Show respectively. Where the Reserve Best in Show is a puppy which has only been beaten by an adult dog it should also automatically be Best Puppy in Show respectively. Consequently, selection of Best Puppy in Show must follow the selection of Best in Show respectively.

11. BEST IN SHOW: Best in Show must be selected from the exhibits declared Best of Sex but only if they have received a first prize in a class at the same show. If a Reserve Best in Show is to be selected, the eligible dogs are those declared Best Opposite Sex and the Reserve Best of Sex to the exhibit declared Best in Show.

12. Exhibits will not be admitted to Best in Show competition after a period of ten minutes has elapsed since the announcement that exhibits are required for judging, unless they have been unavoidably delayed by previous judging not being completed on time, and then only with the special permission of the Show Management.

13. Exhibitors must not pick up dogs by their tails and leads when lifting them nor handle a dog in a manner which causes its feet not touch the ground when on the move. This is not acceptable. Exhibitors should note that such practice would constitute harsh handling and reports of such practice will be referred to the Committee under Kennel Club Show Regulation F11.

14. It is not acceptable to handle a dog in a manner which causes its feet not to touch the ground when on the move. Exhibitors should note that such practices could constitute harsh handling and reports of such practice will be referred to the Committee under Kennel Club Show Regulation F11.

15. All exhibitors must be familiar with the Kennel Club Regulation F (Annex B), Regulations for the Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition.

16. All dogs resident outside the U.K. must be issued with a Kennel Club Authority to Compete number before entry to the show / event can be made. All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the exhibitor / competitor.

17. DOGS IN VEHICLES ON HOT DAYS: Your dog is vulnerable and at risk during hot weather and the Kennel Club offers the following guidance to help guide you through the do’s and don’t’s travelling to and whilst at K.C. licensed events.
* When travelling to a show please take a moment to consider whether the route to the show is on a busy holiday route, and leave earlier to avoid increased time in traffic jams.
* If your vehicle is not air-conditioned seriously consider whether travelling to the show is a good idea at all.
* The vehicle should be as fully ventilated as possible, and plenty of stops should be taken, with lots of water available to drink.
* Ensure your dog is not sitting in full sunlight. There should be plenty of free flowing air around your dog.
* When at the Show, never leave your dog in the vehicle.
* Keep the dog in the shade – take your own shade, for example a large umbrella, and always have plenty of water available to drink so your dog stays well hydrated.
* Avoid your dog taking part in unnecessary exertion, or from standing in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time. Remember, if you feel hot your dog is likely to feel much hotter and dehydrated, and this could lead to dire results. Please look after your dogs welfare.


Anyone whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not put a dog’s health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise. Breach of Kennel Club Regulations in this respect may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.

Right to refuse entries : Exhibitors / Competitors are reminded that Show Societies have the right under Kennel Club Regulations to refuse any entry.

18. Not for Competition entries will be accepted. Details of each dog so entered must be recorded on the entry form and must be Kennel Club registered.

19. No modifications will be made to this schedule except by permission of the General Committee of the Kennel Club, which will be followed by advertisement in the Canine Press wherever possible.

20. The Show will be held under Kennel Club Rules and Show Regulations. Every exhibitor making an entry or entries at this show shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by these Rules and Regulations and it is on this understanding only that entries are received.

21. The Committee of this Show cannot be held responsible for products advertised or sold by standholders at the show, and remind exhibitors that such products may not meet the requirements of the Regulations for the Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition.

22. Exhibitors/handlers are responsible for clearing up and removing any loose hair or fouling from dogs in their charge, or any other litter, whether from the car park, the exercise area or from any other part of the venue.

23. Parents/Guardians please note, well behaved children are welcome but thoes in charge of children will be held fully responsible for their actions and any damage caused within the evirons of the Show.

24. Owners, handlers, exhibitors or any other person in charge of a dog at a Kennel Club licensed event must ensure at all times that the dog is kept under proper Control whilst at the licensed venue, including its environs, car parks and approaches.

25. A dog may be disqualified by the General Committee from any award, whether an objection has been lodged or not, if proved amongst other things to have been registered or recorded as having been bred by the scheduled Judge. This shall not apply to a Judge appointed in an emergency.

26. Each exhibitor is responsible for providing thei rown crate or cage identification and should note that the original exhibit/bench number card, as provided by the show Society, must not be used for this purpose.