Show Results: OPEN SHOW 23 FEBRUARY 2014


JUDGE : Mrs. Julie Pike (Breezelyn)

Best in Show: Norvanik Gold Digger JW

Res. Best in Show: Keisyl Has Soul

Best Puppy in Show: Megatoy Mont T Carlo

Res Best Puppy in Show: Megatoy Molly Malone

Best Veteran in Show: Ch. Benlease Barney Rubble Sh CM

Veteran Dog  3 (1Abs)

1. Ch. Benlease Barney Rubble Sh CM (Best Veteran)

2. Bilijees Touch of Wizard for Rosegrange JW

MPD 3 (1Abs)

1. Megatoy  Mont T Carlo (BPIS)

2. Bilijees Razmataz

PD 2

1. Bilijees Razmataz

2. Bumblecorn The Gambler at Trenarwyn

JD 3 (2Abs)

1. Tuttsclump Toy Soldier

YD (2)

1. Manatek Walking On Sunshine

2. Pommania's Headline News

PGD 6  ( 2Abs)

1. Villenelle Let It Be

2. Elmway Prince of Darkness

3. Playalong Barley Wine

4. Sanchize Quite Glorious

LD 5 (1 Abs)

1. Laydelins New York to Keisyl

2. Elmway Prince of Darkness

3. Pomirosa Peter Pan

4. Linkies The Little Charmer

OD 4

1. Keisyl Has Soul (Best Dog and RBIS)

2. CH Our Ambassador for Trenarwyn JW Sh CM (Res Best Dog)

3. Soffies Ice Man Sh CM (Imp Dnk)

4. Bilijees Truelee Red

SBD 2 (1Abs)

1. Sanchize Quite Glorious

VB 1

1. Bilijees Lily of the Valley

MPB (4)

1. Megatoy Molly Malone (Best Bitch puppy and RBPIS)

2. Lillise My Diane by Keisyl

3. Rostellar Rare Red Diamond

4. Norvanik Smart Tart

PB 9 (6Abs)

1. Lillise Masquerage to Elay

2. Lillise Hocus Pocus

3. Sarjays Little Foxy Lady

JB 4 (1Abs)

1.Manatek Fire and Ice

2. Rostellar Red Sparkler

3. Bilijees Valentina

YB 3

1. Sidlyn Clowning for Joy

2. Bowlou Pie in the Sky

3. Bilijees Valentina

PGB 8 (3 Abs)

1. Keisyl Dallas (Res BB)

2. Marglyn Kisses for Me at Penresa

3. Playalong Sunbeam

4. Persimoone Sugar and Spice for Bilijees

5. Kukla Barbis Beredeevoi Slobodi at Pomirosa

LB 4 (1Abs)

1. Bilijees Arabella

2. Martipom Franzipan at Bowlou

3. Bilijees Valentina

OB 3

1. Norvanik Gold Digger JW (Best Bitch and BIS)

2. Bilijees Forget Me Not at Elmway

3. Pomirosa Sweet Success


1. Playalong Sunbeam