Show Results: Open 26 Feb 2012

Judge: Mrs S. Sanderson (Sandchize) 

BIS:  Soffie's 2 Sexy (V.B. Jacobsen, Denmark)

BOS & RBIS:  Norvanik's Gold Digger (C. Van De Burgt)

BPIS :   Keisyl's I'm Sparticus (S.Pope)

RBPIS : Keisyl's Ice Baby (L.Danks)

BVIS : Daranash Naughty But Nice (S.Parker)

Class Results as follows:

Veteran Dog 1 (Abs)

MPD (5, 1 Abs)


1. Eluy I Want To Be A Producer (Mr & Mrs D. A. Yule)

2. Bilijees Truelee Red (W & J.R. Stone)

3. Jillapom Roll Of The Dice (A. Grabham)

4. Linkies The Little Charmer Mr & Mrs L and K.J. Robinson)

PD (5, 1 Abs)

1. Keisyl I'm Sparticus (S.Pope)

2. Manatek Alvin A Laugh (A.J. Orchard & S.C. Whitelock)

3. Densown Mr. Bean Playalong (P.Phillips)

4. JIllapom Roll of the Dice


JD (4)

1.Tuttsclump Rob The Rebel (B. Hall & M .Titchener)

2. Pommania’s Cooler Than Me (Z. Slocombe, G.Slough & R. Niven-Lewis)

3.Reta’s Aramis ( S.C. Whitelock)

4.Densown Mr. Bean

YD (5)

1.Warleggen Foxmeifyoucan for Pomajoy (M.J. Belcher)

2. Daranash Fly By Night at Pomeira (C.J. & D.G. Jones)

3. Pommania’s Night Music Playalong (P.Philllips)

4. Cattellindon Black Onyx (N.L. Woodland)

5. Kaline’s Picklejiuce (K. Goodwin)

PGD (7, 3 Abs)

1. Pommania’s Dynamite (Z. Slocombe, G. Slough & R. Niven-Lewis)

2. Villinelle Linked To Love (M.A. Nolan)

3. Parapom Who Ray Henry (C.J. & D.G. Jones)

4. Mazeray King of Diamonds (Mr & Mrs R. Hiam)

LD (6, 2 Abs)

1. Pikapom Poser For Norvanik (C. Van De Burgt)

2. Vaders Diamond Geezer (L. Danks)

3. Tuttsclump Maxamillion (Titchener & Hall)

4. Mazeray And All Things Nice (R & S Hiam)

OD (7, 3Abs)

1. Soffie's 2 Sexy (Denmark)  (V.B. Jacobsen)

2. Bowlou Daytripper At Norvanik (C. Van De Burgt)

3. Breezelyn Designer Genes (J. Pike)

4. Laydelins New York New York to Keisyl (S.Pope)

 SBD (4)

1. Densown Mr. Bean Playalong

2. Cattellindon Black Onyx

3. Jillapom Roll of the Dice

4. Kaline's Picklejuice

VB (3, 1Abs)

1. Daranash Naughty But Nice Sh.CM (S. Parker)

2. Bilijees Sweet Hope (P.Allum)

MPB (5, 1 Abs)

1. Eluy If You Got It Flaunt It (Mr & Mrs D.A. Yule) 

2. Bryandee Gypsy Star T.A.F. (J. Pike)

3. Lesannlea Sugar and Soice at Penresa (W.T. Edwards & J.T. Britt)

4. Linkies Lucy Locket (Mr & Mrs L. & K.J. Robinson)

PB (5, 1 Abs)

1. Keisyl's Ice Ice Baby (L. Danks)

2. Breezelyn Love at First Bite (J.Pike)

3. Warleggen Verona Vixen (M.J. Belcher)

4. Linkies the Little Charmer (Mr & Mrs L. & K.J. Robinson)

JB (5, 2 Abs)

1. Pommania Sun Blushed Parti (Z. Slocombe, G. Slough & R. Niven-Lewis)

2. Kimimela Thistle Delight at Daranash (S. Parker)

3. Bowlou Red Ribbons (L.Elliston)

YB (3)

 1. Norvanik Gold Digger (C. Van De Burgt)

2. Manatek Bring Me Sunshine at Reta (A.J. Orchard & S.C. Whitelock)

3. Jillapom Music of the Night at Preswylfa (N. Echols)

PGB (4)

1. Bilijees Arabella (P. Allum)

2. Marglyn Kisses For Me at Penresa (W.T. Edwards & J.T. Britt)

3. Bilijees Vanilla Ice (J. Bibey)

4. Martipoms Franzipan at Bowlou (L. Elliston)

LB (5, 1Abs)

1. Monte Erubus Dulce De Leche at Daranash (Imp) (S.Parker)

2. Lillise Baby Talk (L. Danks)

3. Keisyl Dizzigner Inc (Mr & Mrs L. & K.J. Robinson)

4. Breezelyn Top Design (J. Pike)

OB (4, 1Abs)

1. Keisly Disco Diva (S. Pope)

2. Bilijees Forget Me Not at Elmway (G. Watt)

3. Bowlou Best Estamate (L. Elliston)

SBB (2)

1. Bilijees Vanilla Ice (J. Bibey)

2. JIllapom Music of the Night at Preswylfa

The Leon James Memorial Class (Proceeds to L.A.T.C.H.)

1.Bilijees Forget Me Not aqt Elmway (J.Watt)

2.Daranash Fly By Night at Pomeira (C.J. & D.G. Jones)

3. Parapom Who Ray Henry (C.J. & D.G. Jones)

4. Mazeray And All Things Nice (R & S Hiam)




Firstly, thank you for the great Welsh hospitality given to me at this lovely show. My entry was super with a low absentee rate, so thank you all for allowing me to assess your exhibits. With very few exceptions dogs were presented in clean, smell free condition, amiable and displayed clean teeth. Rear movement in some needs to be watched, yes we want some spirit in the breed, but not ballerinas and hip hoppers!

VD (1)

MPD 5 (1) 1st Yule - Eluy I want to be a Producer 8 month c/s little charmer. Good coat for a baby, small well placed ears used to advantage, nice conformation with firm movement and he made an appealing shape on presentation. 2nd Stone - Bilijees Trulee Red 8 months and going in the right direction with a good mouth, well set ears in an attractive head piece. Although he was apprehensive on the table, once he got off, he moved very positively with a good stance. 3rd Grabhams Jillapom Roll of the Dice

PD 5 (1) Pope - Keisyl I`m Sparticus This brightly coloured orange is top end of puppy and in great form. Eyes and ears set proportionately with correct length of muzzle and good stop giving a keen expression.He is well ribbed and bodied and moves around the ring with a brisk sound action. In profile he is compact and attentive BPD and BPIS well done 2nd Orchard and Whitelock - Mantek Alvin a Laugh 7 months o/s with male charm. His head contained a good clean mouth and neat ears. He stood with a level topline with his thick correct coat adding to the shape and moved with intent on neat feet. 3rd Phillips - Densown Mr Bean Playalong.

JD 4 Titchener and Hall - Tuttsclump Rob the Rebel. Cracking orange of 15 months His head appealed with good wedge shaped muzzle and ideal eye and ear size. Soundly constructed with good lay of shoulder and well ribbed. Coat was harsh to the touch and a good plume added to the overall picture He scored in movement being sound and purposeful, a clear winner here 2nd Slocombe, Slough and Niven-Lewis - Pommania Cooler than me. Seemed distracted today and hesitant on the move but has a profuse correct cream coat presented and prepared so well. Quality head was well balanced with good mouth and dark oval eye. Spats of good movement were apparent when he decided to do the job and was very attentive. 3rd Whitelock - Reta`s Aramis

YD 5 1st Belcher’s - Warleggen Foxmeifyoucan at Pomajoy 14 months o/s very "boxy" in outline which he held at all times. Compact with short neck into well angulated shoulders, coat was of a good quality and quantity and his head piece was enchanting with correct oval eye and erect ears used to give an alert expression. Movement was free and easy. 2nd Jones - Daranash Fly by Night at Pomeira - 18 months, orange exhibit who had a full correct coat enhanced by a super placed tail fanning well over the back giving a nice overall shape in stance and on the move His head was masculine with good ruff and head hair encompassing his qualities. He moved very soundly with a certain style and was attentive at all times... but did not have the expression of winner. 3rd Woodland - Catellindon Black Onyx.

PGD 7 (2) Slocombe, Slough, Niven-Lewis - Pommanias Dynamite. 19 month orange with a delightful head displaying "no ear"and dark, soft expressive eyes. Coat was correct and in abundance complimented by a bang on tail set and plume that completed a typical Pom shape standing and on the move which once settled was good and precise both ways. 2nd Nolan - Villenelle Linked to Love 2.5 yrs orange and another lovely exhibit with this handler Presented in excellent jacket with a handsome head with good eye shape and foreface was foxy in outline. He was upstanding with good quarters affording sound movement on neat feet 3rd Jones- Parapom Who Ray Henry (TAF)

LD 6 1st Van de Burgt - Pikapom Poser for Norvanik orange of 2.7 yrs This dog was compact and well barrelled and made a delightful shape at all times keeping a good straight topline. Coat was harsh and stand offish with well placed tail completing the picture I liked his head being expresssive with small eye and ear with a decent mouth. He moved out soundly on small neat feet - a responsive exhibit Res BD 2nd Danks - Vaders Diamond Geezer 19 months black. On first looks he filled my eye with his gleaming correctly textured coat. Short backed exhibit with lovely tail well over the back adding to the desired shape. His head is very sweet with dark twinkling oval eye small hidden ears and the mouth seemed OK too. Close up to winner - but on the day - his movement although performed on straight legs and neat feet was not as accurate as 1st place, today. Could change another time. 3rd Titchener and Hall - Tuttsclump Maximillion

OD 6 Jacobsen Soffies 2 Sexy AL01124DNK handled, as usual, to gain best by Amanda Orchard. Orange dog of 2.4 yrs super compact eye catching exhibit on first sighting and did not disappoint on closer inspection Coat is of correct texture and although not overly profuse it gave him his shape on the move and in stance was which was the desirable "ball in a box" Movement was sound and performed with animation, drive and with much style. He possessed a masculine head which encased dark oval eyes, correct wedge shaped muzzle and stop, small erect ears and good dentition. The ultimate showman who gave his all.. which took him to BD and BIS very well done 2nd Van de Burgt - Bowlou Day Tripper at Norvanik Another very stylish exhibit this time an o/s 3.6 yr old who was handled so well to bring out the best. I admired his head which was filled with good qualities and charm, from his good eye, ear proportions to his broad muzzle and good clean mouth. Short backed and compact with good depth and quality of coat... he moved very soundly with panache. Gave way to his kennel mate after a strong challenge for Res BD 3rd Pike - Breezelyn Designer Genes

Sp. Beg. D 4 1st Phillips - Densown Mr Bean Playalong. After bustling in rather rapidly in an earlier class this rising 1yr old o/s had somewhat settled down!! I loved his sweet expressive head with lovely eye shape, well placed ears and decent mouth. His coat is coming along nicely and when he pulled himself up he made a good compact shape and tail placement....when not being quite so sniffy and skitty I saw patches of positive movement and concentration - can only improve. 2nd Woodland - Cattellindon Black Onyx rangier black dog. He had a good depth to his shiny correct coat and there was an adequate amount to make a decent shape when standing... a good full tail was evident. Needs to settle in rear but was attentive to his handler and tried to please. 3rd Grabham - Jillapom Roll of the Dice

VB 3 (1) Parker - Daranash Naughty but way naughty but definitely nice! The orange jacket on this 8.5 yr old is still vibrant and of correct texture and although not overly endowed she had enough to create a lovely shape, short and square. Pretty head, shortish foreface and good dentition.. so put all these points with smart precise movement and you have a super example of a lovely veteran - well done on her longevity.. long may it reign! 2nd Allum - Bilijees Sweet Hope 7.4 yrs profusely coated orange lady - just tipped over into this class. She is super attentive, well constructed with a good stance. Attractive head with small ears and good eye shape. She moved with great style on neat feet - another brilliant example how our "senior" canines do us so proud.

MPB 5 1st Yule - Eluy If Youv`e got it Flaunt it. Litter sister to MPD class winner. How fortunate to have this super pair. Similar remarks apply to this 8 month c/s girl with a good coat coming in. Such a sweet expression with neat ears and was settled enough to show her attributes and just clinch this class. 2nd Pike - Bryandee Gypsy Star (TAF) Small compact bitch of 7 months lovely bright orange coat of good quality. She was very showy and caught my eye with her endearing qualities displaying nice eye shape and ear placement. Close up to winner... but today her movement was a little skittish and lost her the class. 3rd Edwards and Britt - Lesannlea Sugar and Spice at Penresa

PB 5 1st Danks - Keisyl Ice, Ice, Baby cream of 9 months. Makes a lovely compact shape when standing, plentiful correct coat with good plume complimenting. Feminine head which encompassed a clean mouth, good balance of ear and eye placement in a fine muzzle, level topline held on the move which was executed with good drive and motivation BPB and Res. BPIS 2nd Pike - Breezelyn Love at First Bite 8.6 month o/s I also liked the shape of this youngster when standing which was enhanced by a fab plume. Sweet, feminine head head with neat ears used well. Angulation was good affording steady sound movement, handled expertly, as usual. 3rd Belcher - Warleggen Verona Vixon

JB 5 Slocombe, Slough and Niven-Lewis’s - Pommania Sun Blushed Parti 16 months My notes say "very nice package from all angles" Teriific coat that was correct to the touch with tail set bang on top adding to the compact shape. Her head was intelligent with small erect ears and good dentition. Movement was purposeful and sound. 2nd Parker - Kimimela Thistle Delight Daranash. 15 month orange girl between stages at the moment but nevertheless had unexaggerated features that complimented her sweet expression. She moved confidently on straight legs and neat feet. 3rd - Elliston Bowlou Red Ribbons

YB 3 1st - Van De Burgt Norvanik Gold Digger JW 17 month orange with feminine head displaying small oval eye with correct length of muzzle and ears on top of the head carried correctly giving intelligent enquiring expression. She was put down beautifully with excellent harsh coat and high tail set and plume adding to her compact shape. Good purposeful sound movement and attentive stance which took her to BB and RBIS. 2nd Orchard and Whitelock - Manatek Bring me Sunshine. 21 month dark o/s Nice type with good conformation and spring of rib which produced sound movement. Again good oval eye and ear set in a well balanced head. Jacket was a little lacking today and tail a little wandering but still a useful bitch. 3rd Echols - Jillapom Music of the Night.

PGB 4 1st Allum - Bilijees Arabella 2.2 yrs o/s compactly made with good topline and super fanned tail adding to a good shape when presenting. She sported a wealth of coat which gave her the edge over 2nd. Girly head with good wedged muzzle making a pleasing expression, moved out stylishly. 2nd Edwards and Britt - Marglyn Kisses for Me at Penresa. how sweet this 2.5 yr old o/s girl is. Her head piece was endearing with small correct eye, fine muzzle and small well placed ears. Good balance and proportions affording applaudable movement fore and aft and stood attentively on completion - just coat density lost out for her today. 3rd Elliston - Martipoms Franzipom at Bowlou

LB 5 1st Parker - Monte Erebus Dulce de Leche at Daranash (IMP) Such an attractive 3.8 yr old bitch. My notes say c/s .....with highlights!! Her head is delightfully feminine with good skull proportions, with such an intelligent expression. Good ear set and oval eye coupled with a well balanced, short backed body, very high well covered tail set high on a profuse coat of good texture took her to gain Res BB after classy sound movement verified decision. 2nd Danks - Lillise Baby Talk rising 3yr old with rich dark orange harsh coat. Unlucky to meet winner as this stunning bitch challenged hard. She stood four square and made a lovely overall picture. Her head is captivating with "no ear" encompassed in her head hair. She moved with verve but.... today.... just preferred deportment of my winner. 3rd Robinson - Keisyl Dezzinger Inc.

OB 4 1st Pope - Keisyl Disco Diva black 3.4 yrs old At first look seemed a tad stuffy with her huge coat but on examination it was not so. Her coat is stand-offish and correctly textured and she has a firm body good angulations fairly deep chest which afforded clean, brisk, movement. Her head was enhanced by lack of ear small bright eyes and a charming expression. Nice honest bitch. 2nd Watts - Bilijees Forget- me -Not of Elmway Rising 2.6 yr c/s. I have "poppet" written down She was fine boned with a coat of good consistency and had just enough to create a decent shape on the move and when standing. Appealed in head with small features and a good clean mouth. Straight legs and neat cat like feet carried her daintily round the ring but felt she lacked animation today a little 3rd Elliston - Bowlou Best Estimate

Sp. Beg B 2 1st Echols - Jillapom Music of the Night 1.9 black sweetie pie of diminutive size. She was fine boned and so ultra short in back. Made a very compact shape when her profuse tail came up and over. Endearing head properties with small dark twinkly eyes and ears and an excellent ruff and furnishings. Moved better in this class - not so distracted and more settled. 2nd Bibey - Bilijees Vanilla Ice 4.9 cream madam, rangier type but had a good depth to her coat. Her head was pleasantly proportioned and she was so willingly to please "her dad" She moved around the ring well enough and stood so attentively great rapport between exhibit and handler.

Leon James Memorial Stakes - 1st - Watts Bilijees Forget-me-Not 2nd - Jones Daranash Fly by Night at Pomeira 3rd - Jones Parapom Who Ray Henry (TAF) 4th -Hiams Mazeray and All Things Nice

BIS Jacobsen’s Soffies 2Sexy;
RBIS and BOS Van de Burgt’s - Norvanik Gold Digger JW;
BPIS Pope’s - Keisyl I`m Spartacus;
RBPIS Danks’ - Lillese Ice Ice Baby;
BVIS - Parker’s Daranash Naughty but Nice.