Show Results: Championship Show 2011



BOB, BIS: Ch. Lireva's Sir Fin The Net

Dog CC: Ch. Lireva's Sir Fin The Net

Res. Dog CC , RBIS : Breezelyn Dark N' Dazzlin

Bitch CC: Abbeyleigh Miranda

Res. Bitch CC: CH. Brybett Camelia at Nyellastock

Best Puppy: Baromar New Design

Best Veteran:  Cabana Callum at Nyellastock


Veteran Dog 3 (1 Abs)

1.Cabana Callum at Nyellastock (N. Worthington)

2. Sullews Celtic Warrior (S. Watkins-Steels)

MPD 6 (2 Abs)

1. Keisly's  I 'm Sparticus (S. Pope)

2. Lireva's Running On Time (D.M. Cawthera)

3. Parapom Parti To Remember (S.A. Boyes)

4. Gillipom Phantom Shadow (G.Hull)

PD 7 (3 Abs)

1. Thelbern Valentino from Lireva (D.M. Cawthera)   BPD, RBPIS

2. Parapom Man About Town (S.A. Boyes)

3. Sullews Celtic Red Robin (S. Watkins -Steele)

4. Elmway Prince of Darkness (G. Watt)

JD 8 (3Abs)

1. Craigivar Bachelor Boy  (A.J.Bailey)

2. Pommania's Cooler Than Me ( Z. Slocombe, G.Slough, R. Niven-Lewis)

3. Abbeyleigh Affirmation (B. Fleetwood)

4. Wishingate Moon Beam (D. Smith)

5. Tuttsclump Rob The Rebel (M. Titchener, B. Hall)

YD 3 (2Abs)

1. Gillipom Stuart Little (G. Hull)


1.Pommania's Dynamite (Z.Slocombe, G.Slough, R. Niven-Lewis)

2. Ladylins New York Star to Keisyl (S. Pope)

3. Villenelle LInked to Love (M.A. Nolan)

4. Mazeray King of Diamonds (S & R Hiam)

LD 9

1. Lireva's Short Sir Kit  (D.M. Cawthera)

2. Our Ambassador for Trenarwyn (C M & M W Odd)

3. Keisyl in the Limelight (S. Pope)

4. Pommania's Diddy Rascal (Z. Slocombe, G. Slough, R. Niven-Lewis)

5. Breezelyn Deisgner Genes (J.Pike)

OD 5

1. Ch. Lireva's Sir Fin The Net  (D.M. Cawthera)

2. CH. Breezelyn Dark N' Dazzlin (J. Pike)

3. Bilijees What A Charmer (J. Edwards)

4. Bowlou Tonka Toy (L. Elliston)

5. Tayfirs Topaz With Brybett (B.F. Whitbread)


1. Densown Mr. Bean (P. Phillips)

2. Playalong Dancing Wolf (P. Phillips)

Sp Black , B&T, Parti 1

1. Lireva's Black Inn Tails (Mrs & Miss A. Cawthera-Purdy)

Veteran Bitch 5 (4Abs)

1. Bilijees Sweet Hope  (P. Allum)


1. Abbeyleigh Ebony Piper (B. Fleetwood)

2. Gillipom Crystal Illusion (G.Hull)

PB 8 (3Abs)