Colour Section: The Kennel Club (UK) Pomeranian Breed Standard

All whole colours permissible, but free from black or white shadings. Whole colours are: white, black, brown, light or dark, blue as pale as possible. Orange which should be self-coloured and bright as possible. Beaver. Cream dogs have black noses and black eye rims. Whites must be quite free from lemon or any other colour. A few white hairs, in any of the self-coloured dogs permissible but undesirable. Dogs (other than white) with white or tan markings highly undesirable and not considered whole coloured specimens. In parti-coloured dogs, colours evenly distributed on body in patches; a dog with white or tan feet or chest not a parti-coloured dog. Shaded sables should be shaded throughout with three or more colours, the hair to be as uniformly shaded as possible, and with no patches of self-colour. In mixed classes, where whole coloured and parti-coloured Pomeranians compete together, the preference should, if in all other points they are equal, be given to the whole coloured specimens.

There is a very interesting newly formed site on Facebook.  It is an  Educational Group about Pom colours, colour patterns and coat colour genetics. Amongst other things, It provides photographs of how coat colours can  changes from puppyhood through to adulthood. 

KC Acceptable Colours for

Pomeranian Registrations

Beaver, black, brown, cream, light brown, orange, red, white.
Cream sable, orange sable, red sable, wolf sable, sable,
Shaded sable, shaded red, orange and cream, sable and grey, sable and orange.
Orange and white parti-colour, sable and white parti-colour, black and tan.
Any colour not recognised by the Kennel Club

Here is a pictorial display of some of the colours and colour patterns named by the KC in the Breed Standard or in the list of KC acceptable colours for Pomeranian Registrations. Blue is in the KC Breed Standard but not named in the KC list of acceptable colours along with a traditional pattern of parti-colour, Black and White - both are illustrated below. Thank you to everyone who contributed photographs for this page - photo credits given below.

Whole Colours




Group of Oranges with Creams in background (below)
Brown (light or dark) Also referred to as Chocolate

Blue (as pale as possible)
























































Blue Puppies






Beaver Puppy

Orange Sable
Red Sable
Wolf Sable
Cream Sable

 Some Variations :
Shaded Sable




























Pomeranian and Keeshond showing Wolf Sable Colour
























Colour Patterns

Orange and White Parti Colour
Black and White Parti Colour
Sable and White
Brown and White Parti
 Black and Tan




























Thank you to...

...the following Kennels and Pom Owners for contributing their photo to this Breed Education page : Bilijees - Bill and Jean Stone, Playalong Poms - Pat Phillips,  Keody's Poms - Cheryl Kerr, Showin's Poms - Audrey Caywood, mumukisses2002, Pomkins Poms - Vycki Brock, Glenvalley Poms - Ann Kingston, Chips Poms - Brigitte Sovonja,  Maja's Pomeranianworld - Margareta Brzek, Fairystone Poms - Cheryl Robertson, Rise N Shine Pomeranians - Julie Clemens